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St.Athanasius/St. John: Rumford

    Saturday - 4:00 pm Mass     

    Sunday    - 9:30 am Mass

Our Lady of the Snows: Bethel     

    Saturday - 6:00 pm Mass


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Are You Ready....

man walking in a ropeto get into the wheelbarrow?  On August 7th we welcomed Father Nathan to our Parish.  His message to us was one on eof inspiration and, at the same time, challenging.  He told us the story of Charles Blondin, an acrobat who was famous for walking a tightrope across Niagra Falls.  Check out the story here.  



Like Blondin who asked the crowd if they believed, really believed if he could take a man accross

in a wheelbarrow, we are asked to follow God's plan for us.  We even pray that we will follow his plan in the Lord's prayer, "Thy will be done".  We say the we believe.  Father Nathan, asked us, "Are we ready to get into the wheel barrow.  Do we really believe.  Then he challenged us.  Belief, he said, "is getting into the wheelbarrow.  It's falling backwards into the arms of God."  Trusting that God will catch us and set us on that narrow, sometimes difficult path he has set infront of us.  Putting our trust in God, is just like getting in the wheel barrow.  Actively taking part in God's plan for us.  Not just saying we believe, but stepping forward out of the crowd and getting into His wheelbarrow.


At the end of Mass, Father Nathan spoke of some his own challenges trusting in God's plan during his discernment to Priesthood and on his journey as a priest.  He finished with telling us how excited he is to be here and to be our shepherd, and that he is ready to get into the wheelbarrow with us.  So let's join him, and prayerfully look how God is working in our lives and get in that wheelbarrow.