following jesus in the foothills



“There are different gifts but the same Spirit;
there are different ministries but the same Lord;
there are different works but the same God who accomplishes all of them in everyone.”   
1 Cor 12: 4-6.  

Have you ever noticed that the happiest people tend to also be the most generous people? I don't think it's a coincidence. The world proposes selfishness as the path to happiness. God proposes a different path. God proposes generosity. People who focus the bulk of their efforts on getting, attaining, purchasing, acquiring more and more stuff tend to be restless and discontented. The happiness they pursue is by nature fleeting and circumstantial. On the other hand, the happiness of generous people, is not dependent on things going their way or in getting what they want; their happiness is rooted in the life of God. This happiness, this joy springs up from something that is taking place within them. We are all invited to that life and that happiness. And generosity is the path that leads us there.

At the Parish of the Holy Savior, we believe all men and women were created by God for the purpose of sharing in God's own divine life. God himself is generosity. The Bible reveals to us that God is a Loving Father who longs to pour out his blessings upon His children. Jesus Christ is not only our Lord and Savior, He is also our Good Shepherd, who leads us and teaches us how to live our lives and the path to happiness. Jesus tells us that happiness comes from loving God, being devoted to Him, serving Him and also loving and serving our neighbor. Here at the Parish of the Holy Savior, because we want all people to experience this happiness, we invite everyone to give and serve. 

Service can take on many different forms. But all forms of service are ultimately an expression of our trust in God's providence. It is a recognition that everything we have, we have first received from God. God has given us gifts to enable and empower us to share those gifts with others. When we do, we become like God, a giver of good things. Take the time to prayerfully consider what gifts God has given you. How your time, talent, and treasure be an invitation to serve others?